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Differences Between OEM and  Compatible Cartridges…

Looking at the many cartridges and supplies available for your specific printer, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Besides finding just the right cartridge for your particular printer model, you also have to choose between many different types of cartridges. OEM? Remanufactured? Sometimes it’s hard to know what makes one cartridge different from another. Here is a basic guide to the different types and kinds of printer cartridges, outlining the differences and benefits of OEM, remanufactured, and compatible printer ink and toner cartridges.

You may have heard the term “OEM” used before, but what does OEM mean or stand for? OEM refers to “original equipment manufacturer.” In other words, if Brother made your printer, they’ve also made a cartridge to go with it. No doubt about it, these high-quality cartridges were designed for great durability and undeniable precision. Naturally, that translates into good print quality, but all of that comes at a much higher price.

OEM Cartridges: What are OEM cartridges?

The obvious downside is the cost. Did you know that printers are often sold with small profit margins because OEMs know that they will make their largest profit from selling cartridges? For that reason alone, the name brand company that made your printer will claim that you may shorten the life of your printer by using generic cartridges. This is simply not true! OEMs charge exorbitant prices for their cartridges. One of the biggest controversies surrounding OEM cartridges is how much ink is left over in the cartridge when printer models shut down due to “low ink.” Some cases have shown that 40% of the expensive ink you paid for is left over in that ‘dead cartridge’ you are about to replace! After all, it’s common knowledge that brands don’t make their money on their printer sales, but make huge profits on new and overpriced OEM cartridges instead.

Compatible Cartridges

Compatible ink and laser toner cartridges are the same as branded cartridges but manufactured by another factory. A separate company simply creates their own version of the cartridge to work in your printer just like the OEM cartridge. As you might expect, some compatibles are of inferior quality, but there are plenty of compatible printer cartridges out there that hold their ground next to their OEM counterpart. That’s why it’s so important to find a time tested providers like African Distribution and Sales that offers only high-quality compatible ink and laser toner cartridges. If you, however, find a faulty cartridge, we will replace it immediately with a new one. We guarantee our cartridges 100%